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customers to switch. texas is a highly competitive market. hundreds of different plan choices in the marketplace and for us we want to build relationships with customers that last decades. it is about getting a customer to switch. a slightly higher price he paid during the day but all the electricity is free at night so training customers to use less during the day and take advantage of the free offer at night builds the opportunity to lower the total bill. melissa: we have the problem in new york city when it is very hot, everybody piles on with the air-conditioning and the whole thing shuts down any cost everyone. are you trying to clear the load during the day to take more businesses on and encourage people to give them an incentive to do their laundry at night or on the weekend and clear the way for business users? turn your air-conditioning down? speaker that is what you have to love about texas, it is hot in texas. two-thirds of the energy is on air-conditioning. it is about bringing the load down during the day, couple degrees difference can save you a lot of money and
the 1900 hurricane galveston in 1900, 8,000 deaths that was category for his eldest in texas and it is heartbreaking. john: now the most controrsial whether myth i am told extreme weather is getting worse because of global warming. >> not just the raging fires and more powerful storms. john: what will we do? the author of "high tide on main street" oceanographer john englander also climatologist pat michaels from the cato institute. should i be so scared as the president suggests? >> it is so twentieth century. in the last tenures forecast of global warming has begun to calmed down we are seeing sensitity of temperature being reduced by 40 percent with the new climate models. be old models were too hot to that is recognized. john: that is 40 percent less but if weather is worse that is a problem. >> with care hurricanes hurricanes, tornads, they don't show the signals they are supposed to. there is a thing abt the billn dollar disasters they are going up but what you have to do is take the edge damage and adjusted for gdp and inflation and is simply has no trend was however.
attorney's office in and texas bought the office margherita machine. "the new yorker" reports in texas police stop people for a routine traffic violations and if they ha money with them sometimes take them to a jail until they agree to give their money to the city and if they resist because they have kids of the car they will threaten to take the kids away turnover to child protective services. in cells like extortion. use of the port perturb lot is growing in 20 years ago the justice department collected 27 million but last year they grabbed more than $4 billion worth. government always grows. one last example from my town the police chief department did great job reducing crime but it grows even the stupidest ways. >> this is the scene near wall street where one year ago during the occupy wall street protest barricades were placed around a sculpture of the wall street bull and police officers were stationed here. >> had to put up the barricades to protect him. >> they had to? know they didn't. it is ridiculous it weighs more than 3 tons and is nearly indestructible. the head of the n
. >> poor texas. i love texas. it was a great state. melissa: they were hating. >> they have the highest number of executions. [laughter] melissa: that is -- >> i think that is little tough for morale. they actually have gunfights down there. this really gets into the relevance of big data. mckenzie did a report a few years ago if they get a report and how you can increase productivity and growth within companies and governments by having big data. this is biased. it is really tough. i think you can only take this as fun information. the way to get down to the root of what everyone thinks you can only do it in states which you lived after three drinks. melissa: a lot of this made sense to me. the state with the highest unemployment, nevada, was also voted the drunkest. that makes sense. everyone's hammered all the time, so they don't make it to work. i think this is insightful and helpful. >> california has most number of vineyards. wouldn't you assume they would be the drunkest? >> come on, wine. >> after a couple glasses. >> exactly. i think about this, the number of respondents to the
. it is not easy, is frankly the problem. you have rick perry in texas who said look, i challenge all the colleges in this state to create a $10,000, four-year degree which obviously is a very, very high bar or low bar however you want to look at it and they have not, a the lo of them reached it but they are trying. i think one problem we have, if we just feed the beast on one side by giving cheaper loans and we don't say, hey, we need to work on college affordability, the price will keep going up. melissa: that is a great point. we're not price sensitive in this country. i don't think enough parents and children look at it like that, to say what is my best cost benefit. what is the best school i can possibly get into. a lot of time they equate with expensive schools with being better which isn't necessarily the case at all and also by having so much student loan and student debt available out there it inflates the price of college because no one's price sensitive. no one is saying school, i'm not coming because you're too expensive, right? >> yes and no. one of the things we know state funding fo
in texas and immediately the president says : 90 day reviw from the federal agencies about new regulations. maybe the regulators that were supposed to be watching those chemical plants were not doing their jobs. it never crosses mind. all this regulation is expensive. they add up for reason. >> franchise friday. at this point when you see the terrible jobs that are being cread by the larger economy, to a certain extent you have to take your fad to our own hands . melissa: find your own way out. i mean, maybe is this possib what it is coming to an america, the you really have to look for your own solution at this point because things are not getting better coming from washington? your thoughts? >> i think that's right. particularly if you get a recent college graduates. good degrees and would like to get good, well paying jobs and i just unable to, or people who were laid off and the great recession and its aftermath and are unable to get jobs that pay what they were making before th were laid off. as a result they the kind of people you would look to the start franchises to my take -- char
. >> john: under great ideas is texas on candy or fast food. >> how d you define a fast-food you can go t mcdonald's or you can order a big mac. you will bet the lobbyists will make the rules. >> john: they have a problem with the candy tax. they decided this hershey bar is taxable candy but this one isn't because it contains flour. store clerks don't know what to charge. >> flour, sugar and eggs and salt. >> her dessert won an award. >> don't you think are poisoning people? you are making everybody fat. >> no, a little fat and sugar, what would life be. >> w asked her to make donuts? >> it has no sugar and no salt and very little fat. it's fried and baked how different it can be without all the good stuff. >> john: egg whites, that is good. >> it's good but not like egg yokes. >> john: let's try a taste test. we got a healthy donut and regular donut. everybody liked the regular dough in and out nutd center. >> john: how about the other one? >> not as good. >> john: i wanted to like the hlthy donut. it's like eating bread. >> not what i'm looking for. >> some people did like the healthier ve
to cut back production for two months. the refinery in port arthur texas may have to slash capacity by 75,000 barrels per day. the company blames a typing issue. primarily fix it could take until the fall of next year. officials one day may use force to open blockaded oil terminals. libya's crude oil output has been halved by the striking industry workers. they've brought many parts to a standstill. at the lowest level since gaddafi was ousted from power. next on "money," our rates consumers wanting a class action lawsuit against time warner cable? plus, it is franchise friday. part three. how to pit the perfect franchise and location. have you actually get the operation of the ground? to franchise owners will back to work as the ridge. did not want to miss this. piles of "money" coming out. charles: in ♪ charles: your tv is not experiencing technical difficulties. the time warner cable's tbs black and is entering its third week and customers are fighting back. two class-action lawsuits of been filed. will the cost of a legal battle and more bad publicity during the standstill to an end
unreasonable searches and seizures and has to be probable cause. recently a judge in texas tonight the government in a federal case a waro tap into a computer and extract files and use the computers camera to take pictures. there was a concern that the information of innocent third parties would be scooped up. that is what they have to show. melissa: they have to show that won't happen, but if you immediately think of the case with the nsa spying scandal and gathering all these things so that they may need it later in and saying, if we want to use it later we will go and get a subpoena them but gather it in the meantime. could they be listening into my house and store it summer? we don't know. they say they're collecting manage data. what they do with the of permission is not publicly -- melissa: collecting. >> the general information and mails and the communications, who is being called, subject matter, subject lines, e-mail addrses, but not so much the content. we don't know. we have heard different reports on what the governnt is doing. melissa: that's right. there were asked di
know what's happening in north dakota and what's happening in texas is great but it hasn't changed the fact we're still spend a billion dollars a day on imported crude oil. it hasn't led to lower oil prices t hasn't led to reduces gas prices at the pump for consumers. we're look imports from saudi arabia are at a five-year high. >> ethanol is raising price of gasoline. melissa: -- more domestic fum [all talking at once] >> using more dough domestic fuel than ever. ethanol is cause of increase in gas. refiners will have to buy credits because they don't need all the ethanol. >> that is not true. >> or they will have to move the gasoline offshore and reduce supplies dough messnly. either one of those thins will cause the price gasoline to go up. whether corn gone up or gone down 20% does not matter. this mandate is irrelevant. in 2007, george bush put it in place because gasoline usage was go up year by year. it retreated ando down year by year. if it works so well, put it at pump unsubsidized give consumers choice. melissa: i'm growing tough but the last word. >> everyone in mesh k
.6 billion into new mold -- models. suspended for allegedly making money, texas a&m quarterback embroiled in scandals after reports he was paid to sign autographs. they are benching the winner, but just for the first half of the season opener this saturday. learned a lesson; right? that's all we have for you today. i hope you made money. see you back here tomorrow, and charles payne is coming up next. ♪ charles: i'm charles payne, and thank you for being with us in the important hour, all about you. ♪ tonight, in "making your market," neighbors looking out for neighbors create one of the most successful media companies in the market. it began with their search for contractors, and now angie hicks is a familiar face in households across america. everyone should be inspired and empowered after listening to her here tonight. fifty years ago today, martin luther king's march on washington his historic "i havea dream speech," what it met then and today, and focusing on one word that comes from the realization of dr. king's dream,
$1.6 billion into new mold -- models. suspended for allegedly making money, texas a&m quarterback embroiled in scandals after reports he was paid to sin autographs. they are benching the winner, but just for the first half of the season opener this saturday. learned a lesson; right? that's all we have for you today. i hope you made money. see you back here tomorrow, and ♪ >> in th'50s,@ there was a new sound. >> @♪ wake up, little susie @ ♪ wake up @ >> it had rhythms and lyrics that spoke to us. >> @♪ maybellene ♪ why can't you be true @ >> and all across america, radio stations gave us the latest hits. >> @♪ well, you can rock it,@ you can roll it ♪ ♪ do the stop and even stroll it at the hop @♪ >> there was chuck berry,@ jerry lee lewis, buddy holly,@ and of course, the king. >> @♪ well, since my baby left me ♪ ♪ well, i found a new place to dwell ♪ ♪ well, it's down at the end
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)